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Smart Pay


What is SmartPay and where do I apply?

  • SmartPay helps you get the phones you want today by providing a Lease-to-Own payment plan you can pay over time.
  • Both new and existing customers can apply for SmartPay.
  • You can visit a Boost Mobile store to apply and purchase your phone using SmartPay. To find a participating Smart Pay dealer near you, go to the store locator on and click Smart Pay.

How much can I qualify for?

  • Lease-to-Own up to your approval amount between $99.99 and $1000 on the phone you choose. Your total phone cost, including all taxes, must be equal or less than your approval amount.
  • SmartPay Lease-to-Own example:

Total Purchase Amount: $199.99 + tax
15 months- All Phones
Pay upfront today: $20
After that, you pay: $20/month
and own it in: 14 months
Total Lease Payments: $300
Or own your items with our Early BuyOut option -
Within 90 Days Pay: $239.99


What information do I need to provide when I apply for SmartPay?

  • Customers need to provide their name, address, email, phone, birthdate and social security number or ITIN (Individual Tax ID Number). They must have an active bank account and debit card with funds to cover initial payment.
  • FICO score will not be used to determine eligibility, but credit information and consumer reports will still be reviewed. Approval is not guaranteed.

After how many months will the Lease-to-Own agreement end?

  • The length of the Lease-to-Own agreement is 15 months (15 total payments with the first payment due in store). Approval amount does not affect the Lease-to-Own agreement length.


In what states is SmartPay available?

  • SmartPay is available in all states except MN, NJ, WI, and WY. SmartPay is also not available in PR and the USVI.


If I have a SmartPay Lease-to-Own agreement and I don’t want my phone anymore, do I have to pay for the rest of it?

  • SmartPay customers may end the Lease-to-Own agreement at any time. But they must return the phone to SmartPay. Please refer to customer agreement materials. Customers can also call SmartPay at 800 374 5587 or email
  • Customers will not own the phone until all of the payments are made, but may be able to pay off early and save on fees with the SmartPay Early BuyOut option.


Can I pay off before the end of the Lease-to-Own agreement with the early BuyOut option?

  • Yes, SmartPay customers can always pay off early to own 100% of the phone, and save fees. The early BuyOut option requires paying the phone’s retail price and a 20% fee within the first 90 days. After 90 days, the savings is proportional to the time remaining on the Lease-to-Own agreement. For example, if someone pays off about half way through the Lease-to-Own agreement, they save approximately half the Lease-to-Own agreement fees.


What if the phone gets damaged and I don’t have Boost Phone Insurance?

  • If a customer with a SmartPay Lease-to-Own agreement damages their phone and they do not have Boost Shield Phone Insurance, they must continue to pay their Lease-to-Own agreement payments until it is fully paid.
  • Customers can purchase Boost Shield Phone Insurance to protect their phone in the event of loss, theft, accidental damage, and out-of-warrant mechanical or electrical breakdown. Boost Shield Phone Insurance is available to customers on a monthly plan within 30 days of service activation. Boost Shield Phone Insurance can be added during activation or by visiting Boost Mobile My Account after phone activation.


What happens if I miss a payment?

  • If a customer misses a payment, they will get a text and email from SmartPay telling them of the payment failure. SmartPay will use normal means to collect the payment and a late fee may be assessed per the contract terms. Alternatively, the customer has the option to return the phone to SmartPay. Customers can call SmartPay at 800 374 5587 or email


Is my SmartPay payment date the same as my Boost Mobile monthly payment date?

  • The SmartPay Lease-to-Own agreement is independent of the Boost Mobile service. The cost of the phone lease is deducted from the customer’s registered credit/debit card with SmartPay on the lease anniversary date every month.


Do I get notifications via my phone or email when my SmartPay payment is due?

  • Yes, SmartPay notifies customers via text and email 3 days before the date that their Lease-to-Own payment is scheduled to be collected. They also receive a confirmation notification letting them know if it was successful or if it failed.


How do I make a payment for my SmartPay Lease-to-Own agreement? Using SmartPay Web, Mail-in or Cash?

  • Today, SmartPay payments are processed using automatic withdrawal from the customer’s registered credit/debit with SmartPay. They can also make a payment by calling SmartPay at 800 374 5587 or logging into their SmartPay My Account. Initial payments must be processed using the registered credit/debit card. Any remaining payments may be made in cash at the Dealer location.


What is the difference between BoostUP! and SmartPay?

  • BoostUp! is an installment billing 18 month contract available only to existing Boost customers who have made 12 consecutive on-time payments. Select phones are eligible. The agreement is between Boost Mobile and the customer. Boost owns the phone until the customer has made their final payment.
  • SmartPay is a Lease-to-Own agreement available to both new and existing Boost customers. It charges a fee to pay for the phone over a 15 month period. All phones are eligible. The agreement is between the customer and SmartPay. SmartPay owns the phone until the customer makes their final payment.